Wilton House

Wilton House was built in the first half of the 19th century and stood on the High Street looking across to the pond and Green.  For many years it was lived in by the Quilhampton family, who played a prominent role in the affairs of Feltham.  They owned a large field at the back of the house, now the site of the Highfield Estate, which was then known as Quilhampton's Field.  The village sports day, fetes and fairs were often held there.

In 1921, Feltham Council considered purchasing the house for council offices, but the motion was defeated.  The house was demolished in 1935 and the Wilton Parade shops opened in 1939.  Wilton Parade was partially demolished in 2005 and incorporated into the new Feltham Centre development.

Wilton Parade 2017 Wilton Parade